How to contribute

Do you desire to contribute to the community? Tha’ts quite simple. Below is a short list of what you could provide:

  • the basics: commenting existing post ;
  • tutorials (using the games, tools, update… but also tactics and global strategies) ;
  • data (tools, patchs, data update / modification…) ;
  • declare bugs (in the site, in the game) ;
  • stories (logbook of one of your game)
  • and many other things: do not hesitate to give new ideas!

The first step: to register

The first step is to register to create an account: it is automatic and with immediate effect. With this account, you can comment posts.

To be an author

If you wan to be an author by writing tutorials, tactics etc. Once registered, send me an email (via the contact page or via Facebook), and I will change the status of your account to enable you to create posts. At the beginning, your posts will need approval, but the confidence coming with time, this restriction will be removed and you will be a full member of the team!

How to write?

Once your account is validated as an author, login and … write. Just once request: please attribute your post to the correct category: tutorials in the tutorials one, tactics in the tactics one…

Note that if you want to submit data, for example an update, send me it by email: I will add it in to the downloads section, and link it to the tutorial you wrote about it.


To declare bugs in (the game or in the site), just send an email. For those in the game, it will be added in the corresponding section by the admin.

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