The 8th season crash

Reported by : a lot of people

This bug cause the game to crash during the 8th season. An official patch was released by Impression Games, the studio which designed the game. Note that this bug only affects the 97/98 version, not the 98/99 one.

The corrupted savegame

Reported by: a lot of people

Over the years, the savegame file becomes prone to be corrupted and unreadable by the game, or, cause the game to crash when looking at the details of a player. The only workaround if to make a lot of different savegames and, in addition, to use USMDE to look players inside a savegame. You can also delay this issue with disabling transferts (only enabling them during realistic periods) so it will reduce the quantity of data to store.

Your players pay the club

Reported by: a lot of people

Detailed in the tips section of this site, this anomaly enable you to get money from your own players.

The still available retired player

Reported by: Eric COURTIAL

Another interesting bug to add to the list:

  • before the end of the season, add a listed player, aged enough so he would likely retire at the end of the season, to your shortlist;
  • start a negotiation to buy this player just before the end of the season;
  • if the player retires, the negotiation will disappear. Fine! But if you look in your shortlist, he is still there, still aged, but listed as a young player;
  • buy this player, and look at the details, the stats (appearances) are crazy.


The players who forget where they come from

Reported by: Eric COURTIAL

When you want to buy a player coming from the country you are working in, but who is playing abroad, he will, often, refuse you offer because he doesn’t “want to go abroad”.

Unrealistic transfert period

Reported by: Eric COURTIAL

The transfert period, while lightly different from a league to another, is unrealistic as you can buy player during almost the whole season, at the exception of the last weeks. This is very hampering as the squads might change a lot during a same season.

Economical situation

Reported by: a few people

Over the years, the transfert market almost  reaches saturation. Indeed, at the exception of the first, the third and the fourth season, the game doesn’t generate enough junior players to compensate the retirement of older ones. It has a long-term effect: as the squad can’t have less than 16 players, if a player of the team get retired, a junior is automatically added in the squad. However, at the end, all the transfert market get stucked.

Players without contract

Reported by: Eric COURTIAL

When a player’s contract end, he will remain in its team until he find another club.

Expensive players without contracts

Reported by: Eric COURTIAL

Some high-rank players don’t have their contract renewed, and are available for free, a very unrealistic situation.

Your president ambition

Reported by: Eric COURTIAL

When you get promoted, you could expect that your chairman will recognize that the new season will be difficult… But not. He will assign you the objective to finish among the first places.

Long-term loan

Reported by: Eric COURTIAL

When you want to loan a player from a club managed by the computer, the maximum duration of the loan you could expect is 10 weeks. This bug has been more or less corrected with the USM Tweaker.

Error in the quantity of clubs promoted and relegated

Reported by: Eric COURTIAL

In some leagues, the numbers of team changing of division at the end of the season is not the real one, in the 1998 context.

Attendance decrease if stadium under modernization at the end of the season

Reported by: Accipiter

Each team has a base attendance, and the attendance of each match is based on that, plus consideration of fan morale, ticket price, merchandise and food price, league class, importance, derby… If the achievement in last season is great, base attendance can increase by a little.
But  expand stadium at end of  season may hurt this base attendance severely.

Sacked because you’re to good

Reported by: Accipiter
In the this save file, you can see that you won all the matches in this season, everything is good enough, however you will be sacked after the next match.
The reason might be the fan morale is too high to become a negative number.