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Use the cheat engine to edit a player and the team training level

Today Lord Shiva shares some interesting results of his research. In a previous post, I introduced you how to use the cheat engine with a simple example. Today, let’s go to the next level: editing players and the team level while the game is running. The below topic is written by Lord Shiva. WARNING: remember …

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How to run USM on modern OS

This small topic sum-up all the different ways you have to play at your favorite game on modern computers. USM1 & 2 You can play the first and second versions of Ultimate Soccer Manager easily on modern computers with DosBox. Go on the DosBox website, it is quite easy to use and can also be …

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How to contribute

Do you desire to contribute to the community? Tha’ts quite simple. Below is a short list of what you could provide: the basics: commenting existing post ; tutorials (using the games, tools, update… but also tactics and global strategies) ; data (tools, patchs, data update / modification…) ; declare bugs (in the site, in the …

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How to change the amount of your bank account

The cheat engine is a free software that enable you to, how to say, work around some concepts, in other words, to cheat. An important thing to remind: using such kind of software is not a problem when playing alone against the computer at home. But using it with official software, connected applications or games, …

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