The direct corner

Another tactic I successfully used in the past. It need practice, adjustments, but could bring you a lot of goals in a season. Obviously, if the kicker has good pass skills, the result will be better… The idea: set your corner to be shot directly toward the goal. In the meantime, set a player between …

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Tactics : the important facts

¬†1- Background I am going to present you my work in the tactics and training fields. But before to start, there is the results I get with this work: Starting with an English conference team (Hayes), real hard, no cheating, no go to public, no gambling, no saving/loading (actually sometimes I left the game in …

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Tactics: how to get your goalkeeper involved

Perhaps ten years ago, a guy on Internet shared a couple of moves, involving the goalkeeper, which have a¬†correct efficiency. The direct move In one step, this one need to make your goalkeeper to pass the ball to one of your striker, himself moving toward your opponent “cage”. With good players, it is quite efficient …

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