New advanced tutorial

A few weeks after the release of its 2018 data set update for USM98-99,  Dane Smallbone provide us this time with an advanced tutorial to help you to get the better from your young players… without cheating, just with science and practice.

This tutorial completes the previous ones, giving to everyone a complete overview of one of the most exciting feature of the game.

Available in the download section.

The 1.3 version of the USM Tweaker is available.

The new version of the USM Tweaker has been released.

Two features have been added to this release:

  • The possibility to rename the french, spanish, english and scottish leagues to their pretty much real names.
  • A feature to allow you to make your application to any club successfull (beta).

A full documentation is available inside. You can find the Tweaker in the download section.

The 1.2 version of the USM98-99 tweaker is available

The new version of the USM tweaker is available.

It includes :
– the possibility to change how many teams are promoted/relegated in the french and italian leagues
– the feature to rename the European Cup and the UEFA Cup to their (pretty much) real name.

The next releases will include:
– the feature to rename the french and spanish league to their real name.

Available in the download section.

The first release of the USM Tweaker is available.

Good news today: the first version of the USM 98-99 Tweaker is available in the downloads section. It includes some very interesting features plus a beta feature to edit players inside a savegame.
A small but clear documentation is inside the archive, so read it carefully. You can contribute to the project by signalling any bug or asking questions you didn’t find the answer in the documentation.

Thanks to all the contributors!

The USMC Team

Announcing the Usm98-99 tweaker

During the last few weeks, I have been posting regular screenshots about a future patching/editing tool for Usm98-99, a tool which was already under development.

As the release date is coming – a couple of weeks I think, it is time to clearly annonce what it will contains.

The community first

As everything is ephemeral, our website, ou computer, our life… I decided to publish the source code of the Tweaker under the MIT licence terms, and make it freely available on Github.

It will enable, first of all, to assure the safety of the source code in a case I would no longer be the capacity to continue this work, and also to enable other people to signal bugs through a standardized procedure, to take the lead, or even create their own version with my work as a base.

Another word: the tweaker is programmed in Java. This language offers a huge advantage: if properly used, it is cross platform. In other words, if you are playing USM98-99 on Windows, Linux or Mac OS, there will be no problems for you to use this tool.


It stands for Read This F… Manual. An acronym that we, in the computer industry, are very familiar with. The USM Tweaker will be delivered with a short but clear and concise manual, which will contains:

  • Credit,
  • Information about the licence
  • The details of each feature. For each one:
    • How it works and how to use it
    • What you can expect of it
    • The known possible issues and side effects


The first release, the version 1.0.0, in february 2017, will include the following features:

  • Patching section:
    • Change the value of the maximum quantity of player you can loan
    • Enable/Disable long-terms loans
    • Change the starting year of the game
    • Enable access to the surprise of the year: the cheat menu. This one enable you to start a new game with options such as getting more money, always success when trying to buy a listed player…
  • Savegame editing section:
    • Edit savegames to change players attributes

The target

The tweaker patching section is designed to work on the english version of the USM 98-99 game. A feature of the tool will help you to check if you have the good one. However, it won’t be compulsory, and you will be free to try to patch a different version, as for someones there is probably only the translation which changes.

The savegame editing section is not impacted: you can use it with every version.

What’s next?

In a two or three weeks interval following the initial release, a 1.0.1 version will be issued correcting (if possible) the reported bugs, if there are ones.

Then, in march or april, the 1.1 version will be available, including new features. If for someones it is not sure to see them (disable the possibility to be fired, change the max bet amount…), there is a least one we should see: the possibility to enable/disable the transfers period.

I have great expectation for this one, as it will prevent computer-managed squads to change half of the team during the season, and hence reducing the huge quantity of transferts, decreasing the risk of savegame crash because too much transfers have been processed.

Open to proposals

If you have any idea of new feature we could try to implement in the tweaker in a future release, do not hesitate!

I however gently remind that as we don’t have the game source code (read here) , we can only try to modify the game, not add new stuff (leagues for example).


Has the game been released early than expected?

… or with less leagues we should say.

As you know, we managed to get access to the cheat menu of the game, a feature that nobody has been aware of almost 20 years after the game realease.

It is impossible to know if it was a hidden of development purpose feature, and we are all happy (I guess) that it will be available to everyone soon.

Another things we found while working on USM98: the mention of leagues (French third level : National and Italian third level: Serie C1 for example) that are not in the games, but where in the USM2 version.

This lead to this assumtpion : perhaps it was planned at the beginning but time was running out and it was cancelled.

Is the source code of the game available?

In my knowledge: the answer is no.

Before starting the conception of the USM Tweaker, a long-term and weary work, I was interested on this subject.

So I contacted the original dev teams years ago. The answer was very clear: not only they don’t have the code, but they also don’t know who to contact.

But on top of that the original studio has been taken over by
another company which itself has been taken over by another one
years later. In a few words, the original source code is sleeping
in a safe somewhere, if it has not been lost…

Last sad thing: it is not in the habits of the video games studio
to release old code nowadays: the trends of the retrogaming has
shown that they can still make a lot of money with old stuff.

And to finish, there is legal issues: if a game use third-parties
technologies, the original studio has paid royalties for it, and they
would be prone to legal prosecution by releasing it.